What's Right with Spackenkill

What's Right with Spackenkill!
Posted on 11/09/2018

Dear Spackenkill Community,

What a week! One of my highlights was being a part of the Blue Ribbon Award Ceremony with Principal Malkischer and math teacher Ms. Pupko. We met educators from all over the country. While in DC we made time to visit the National Museum of American History. As you walk into the entrance you will see the following quote: 

We have dreams of America – THE NATION of opportunity, the land of promise. We work and move and struggle to realize our dreams. WE BUILD, we rebuild. We succeed, we fail. We agree, we disagree. We change. We learn. We make the United States TOGETHER.

I took a photograph of this statement because on a micro level it reflects part of our mission as a school district. The key words are what we need to provide in our schools – offer opportunity, encourage success through struggle, and, most of all, come together with the support and input of all. 

School will be closed on Monday in observance of Veterans Day and the great sacrifices made by military families and our veterans.

My best,

Mark Villanti

Mark Villanti, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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