Health Services

The school health program is a part of a child's total school experience. While the primary responsibility for a child's health rests with the parents, the school assists the parents in developing and maintaining a high level of health in each child.

The responsibility of education and the goal of the school health program is to increase the health knowledge of the school/community population so that we may favorably influence skills, attitudes and practices relating to each child's growth and development.

The specific objectives of the school health program include:

  • Continual appraisal of each student's health status including assessment of immunizations in accordance with New York State Health Department requirements
  • Maintaining a screening program in the following areas: vision, hearing, scoliosis, and physical exams
  • Promoting positive health awareness and self-esteem for each child
  • Detecting health problems and assisting the family in the outside referral process
  • Providing health resources to students, families and staff
  • Monitoring the incidence of communicable disease within the school environment
  • Providing emergency care during the school day
  • Maintaining health records

The school nurse/school nurse teacher is available to the parent and student for advice and consultation during the Committee for Special Education meetings and for the development of the student's individualized educational plan.

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