Board Candidate Vickie Setzer

Vickie SetzerVickie Setzer has lived in the district for almost 24 years. With her husband, Christopher, she has two children who have attended Spackenkill schools from K-12: Madison (class of 2019), and Morgan (class of 2016). In addition, she has a niece in fifth grade at Hagan Elementary and a nephew in second grade at Nassau Elementary.
Among Mrs. Setzer’s community activities are her service as the PTSA President for over two years, PTA/PTSA Vice President for over four years, and as a PTA/PTSA volunteer for more than 16 years. Mrs. Setzer has also been a District Council member for five years and on the Site-Based Teams at Hagan (two years) and the High School (seven years). She has also volunteered as a Girl Scout Leader for 13 years. In addition, she has served on the School Avoidance Committee and the Todd Middle School Health and Wellness Committee. Additionally, she has served on many principal and teacher interview committees. Two years ago, Mrs. Setzer retired as a gymnastics coach from Mr. Todd’s Gymnastics after 30-plus years of coaching gymnastics.
“I feel I have a parent perspective as well as a student perspective,” said Mrs. Setzer. “I feel after volunteering so many years, and living here for years before our children attended school, I have a perspective of what many in the District feel. I think I can bring the view of parents, community members, and most of the student body. Having volunteered in the District in many capacities. I hear from the people what the wants and needs of the District are.”
Important issues and challenges facing the District that Mrs. Setzer would like to address are finances, the Capital Project, the teacher benefit of children attending in district, tuition-based students, and student stress.