Board Considers Capital Project

field photos
Above: Aerial view of the current condition of the athletic field, with worn dirt areas visible.
architect's rendering of SUFSD field
Above: Architect's rendering of turf field.

The Board has been discussing a Capital Project for the district. There has been quite a buzz within the district and the community about the High School facilities and track and field. Presentations have been made by School Business Manager Michele Moloney, Facilities Director Dave Downes, and architects from Clark Patterson Lee about the needs of each school. A few visuals from the architect's presentation are above and the entire presentation can be found online by clicking here. Additionally, a public hearing was held on May 23, attended by some 150 students, staff, and community members.

We invite you to attend a Community Advisory Group Meeting.  Contact Marco Lanzoni for info at

Learn more by reading Board presentations, available by clicking here.

Some of the needs addressed in the presentations include:

entrances must be ADA Compliant potential track resurfacing
Above left: Building entrances must be ADA Compliant.  Above right: Track and field renovations are under consideration.
structural issues to be remedied potential sidewalk upgrades
Above left and right: Structural and sidewalk issues are being discussed.
roof remediation infrared roof scan
Above left: Roof issues at Nassau Elementary School. Above right: Infrared roof scan with light areas indicating heat loss and moisture.