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Site-Based Team
Spackenkill High School


Steve Malkischer
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Site-Based Team
Spackenkill High School



Steve Malkischer
Lauren DuBeau


Site-Based Team
Spackenkill High School


Steve Malkischer
Lauren DuBeau


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November 2013



Site-Based Team
Spackenkill High School

Spackenkill High School
Site-Based Team Minutes
October 9, 2012

Present: Steve Malkischer, Dave Bromsey, Joan Dwyer, Heidi Huczel, Mark VanHorne, Eleanor Pupko, Deborah Ruggiero, Valerie Delmar, Vickie Setzer, David Braddy, Alex Daponte

Steve opened the meeting by discussing the development of our continuous goals which have to be given to Dr. Powell by October 15 in order to be presented to the Board of Education at the next meeting.

At the last meeting we reviewed the satisfaction survey and decided to focus on the four lowest scoring answers at this meeting. Dr. Powell is going to re-survey the questions with the lowest scoring answers and each school will look at that same information.

Two main areas of concern were morale of staff and the number of interruptions. The next lowest scoring areas were areas of staff expectations and leadership opportunities for staff. After some discussion we decided that our focus will be on morale and limiting interruptions. If morale improves there may be an improvement in some of the other low scoring areas so we will focus on that.

We will continue with the attendance/tardiness goal. Steve was not sure why it was the healthy, safe, caring school goal for last year and thought it should possibly be moved to an academic goal. Joan Dwyer explained that the reason it was done that way was that healthy students will attend school and be on time and students who feel safe in the school environment will also not miss school.

The courtesy policy will no longer be a goal. It is in place and seems to be working well so it will just be monitored. There has been positive feedback from both faculty and students.

We discussed the community involvement goal. Steve felt this was a small goal and it may not be best to continue with it. He would like to establish and an active PTA which would get parents involved and could facilitate getting information out to the high school families. PTA is involved in so many different aspects of school life. Vickie Setzer noted that there was a PTA table at Open House and only two people signed up to help and neither of them wanted a leadership role. Valerie Delmar commented that parent attendance at PTA meeting drops off at the middle school level and again at the high school. Vickie Setzer suggested getting in touch with parents who are involved with teams, clubs, or boosters and seeing if they could get representatives to attend PTA meetings. Steve would like to form a group of parents to meet with and let them know what is going on at the high school. Discussion to be continued.

We discussed the energy efficiency goal. Steve let everyone know that the district hired a company that focuses on ways to conserve energy. The district also hired Chris Hamel to be the person trained to monitor efficiency in the district. He comes in at all times of the day and night to check on the systems and see how we are doing with our efficiency. To date the district has saved almost 20% on its energy costs. The high school would like to exceed the energy savings from last year given that there variations in the weather are not an issue with the program in place.

Steve would like us to consider moving attendance from a healthy, safe, caring goal to an academic goal. He would like to consider adding a goal having to do with diversity. He would like to do a survey which deals with discrimination, harassment, and other “hot spots” and see how to make school a safe place.

Steve brought analysis charts of Regents tests results. Passing is from 65 – 100 and mastery is from 85 – 100. Steve will talk to Lori Mulford about establishing a goal for special ed students. Eleanor Pupko suggested comparing our results to the state results because it factors in whether the test is easy or difficult. Steve called Jill Berkowitz to discuss this with the team via speaker phone and she agreed that this would be a useful way to conduct the analysis because it will give us another point of reference to see how we are doing. It also has more data for comparison.

We will set a five year goal which will be an increase in the mastery results. Proposed wording of the goal is for each Regents exam given the difference between our passing and mastery results will increase over the state average by five percentage points over the next five years.

Steve thanked everyone for their input and attendance at the meeting.