About Us

Ms. Elizabeth Marchesona is the Librarian for the Nassau Library Media Center.


Telephone: 845.463.7844
Fax: 845.463.7842
7 Nassau Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Attn: Library
E-mail: Elizabeth.Marchesona@sufsdny.org


  1. Students visit the library with their class at assigned times during the week. They may visit the library anytime during school hours as long as the librarian is available.
  2. Students may make arrangements to visit the library from 8:15 - 9:00 a.m. for research and during their recess time.
  3. Students may not be in the library without adult supervision.


  1. Reference books - most are available for overnight checkout - some are for library use only.
  2. Books in the general collection are signed out for one week at a time with renewals possible on an as needed basis.
  3. Magazines - can be signed out by students in 2nd - 5th grade.
  4. Videos, DVD's, computer software, and equipment are for teacher use only except under special circumstances.

Home Access:

Home access to library media center resources is available through the Nassau Elementary School Library website. Some subscription databases may require access codes which are available in the Library Media Center. Please contact us about any problems with accessing materials from home.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. A student's presence in the library indicates purposeful quiet work.
  2. Students are to be considerate to others.
  3. Students are expected to observe all school rules and library procedures.
  4. Students must sign out all materials used.
  5. Students with outstanding materials will not be allowed to sign out more library materials, but can use all materials during school hours.
  6. Students are expected to take care of all library materials and are expected to pay for all damaged or lost items. Students will be charged the cost of replacing the item and a $3.00 processing fee.