SchoolMessenger Signup

SchoolMessenger provides timely communication to parents and staff members on such matters as weather-related closings and delays, attendance, general-interest activities, and district emergencies.

Upon registration in our district, the household telephone number along with one email per parent/guardian will be sent to the SchoolMessenger system to receive messages. Families are asked to sign up with a SchoolMessenger account to customize their contact preferences and provide additional phone numbers and email addresses if desired.  You will also have the opportunity to opt out of messages by message type.

In the fall, all families will receive a letter with the necessary instructions to create or access their accounts

For existing accounts: To update your contact information, please log in to School Messenger at

Your login ID would be a personal email address of your choosing. If you do not remember your password, there is a “Forgot your password”  button that will walk you through resetting your password. If your email address has changed, you should still be able to log in with your old email address provided you know the password. Once logged in, you can make the following updates:

Changing Your Login Email or Password:

Click on the My Account link at the top of the page. You will be taken to the Account Information page, which shows your login information.

Click on the Manage Account button.  Click to change your username/password.  Enter your new email address and/or password and click Submit.

Updating Contact Information:

Click on the Contacts tab.

If you have a new student in the district, you will be receiving an activation code and ID, which will allow you to add him/her to this screen.

For each child you have, click Edit.

The Edit screen allows you to check which types of messages* you would like to receive and which phone number or email address will receive that message. Make sure that you click Save when you are done making changes.

*Types of Messages

AM Closings/Delays: Notification that school is closed or experiencing a delay

Attendance: Notification that student was not in school when morning attendance was taken

Emergency: Extreme Emergency (requires at least one phone number)

General: General Information, such as meetings, events, district newsletters, etc. 

PM Dismissals: Notification that school is dismissing early or after-school activities are canceled

Survey: Periodic phone surveys conducted by district

Please keep this information accurate and up to date so we can reach you. Thank you for signing up!